VAM donates to Argyle international airport
August 6, 2013

VAM donates to Argyle international airport

As the Argyle international airport progresses towards completion, Vincentians at home and abroad continue to donate to the project.{{more}}

Following on the heels of a donation from Fitz Huggins’ “Drop Ah Dollar” campaign, on Friday, July 26, 2013, representatives of the Vincentian Association of Montreal, Canada journeyed to the site at Argyle to make a donation of Can$2, 200 to the project.

The cheque was handed over by vice president of the Association Rosmund Ryan and member Roxanne Cambridge. The donation was made in the presence of members of the Evesham Diabetic and Hypertensive group, who were touring the site at the time.

Ryan said they have contributed before and will be raising more funds in Canada to continue donating to the project.

The IADC’s Communications officer, who accepted the cheque, expressed gratitude and thanks on behalf of the International Airport Development Company, the company charged with overseeing the construction of the Argyle international airport.