Increased security coming for Arnos Vale sports facility
August 6, 2013
Increased security coming for Arnos Vale sports facility

Manager of the National Sports Council Cecil Charles says security measures will be increased at the Arnos Vale Sports Complex.{{more}}

The decision is being undertaken, following last Friday’s robbery, where facility manager, Lance John was robbed by two masked individuals.

John also received injuries to his head as a result of the incident.

SEARCHLIGHT understands that during the day there was no security in place at the Arnos Vale Sports Complex.

Charles revealed to SEARCHLIGHT on Monday that the Board of Directors for the National Sports Council will be meeting imminently to implement the necessary security measures.

“It was something that I was looking at in the pipeline and I had already had some preliminary discussions with the chairman of the board…

“It is something that we have to discuss with the Minister (Cecil McKie) because it cannot be business as usual for Arnos Vale. As you would know, when you walk that stretch after passing the top gate, it is a lonely area. So, we are looking at putting in additional security,” he said.

Some of the security measures outlined by Charles include the possibility of a security officer on a daily basis at the main entrance gate and surveillance cameras on the sports complex’s main buildings.

In 2011, another individual was also robbed in the vicinity of the sports complex.

“We cannot take anything for granted anymore. Things have changed and we simply have to step up to meet those demands,” Charles stated.

Charles, who was also a victim of burglary at his home three months ago, said the increase in robberies throughout the island is becoming “annoying.

“It is cause for concern. It is a national issue now, in relation to security and people’s safety.

“It is hard when you have worked and you are trying to give of your best and people just sit by the side and scoping things out and just want to deprive you of what you have earned over the years…”

Charles also stressed that there is a need for national consultations on the matter, more needs to be done to tackle robberies and burglaries here.

“I’ve heard a number of persons complain that the matter is in the hands of the police. For some persons the results are very slow and what I am afraid of is that people may want to take matters into their own hands and that can escalate the problem.

“It’s a national concern right now and I hope that there are going to be some national consultations in terms of the way forward. But as house owners, workers and business owners, we will have to start putting things in place for our own safety and to see how best we could counteract what these people are doing,” he further stated. (AA)