NDP stages protest march in Kingstown
August 2, 2013

NDP stages protest march in Kingstown

A large crowd of New Democratic Party (NDP) supporters joined together last Friday to protest against the recent re-arrest of Senator Vynnette Frederick.{{more}}

The march, which included persons with walking sticks, parading through the streets of Kingstown, was preceded by two rallies in Langley Park and Layou, to address similar issues.

Leader of the Opposition Arnhim Eustace said that the initial idea behind staging the protest was to demonstrate against what had taken place with Opposition Senator Vynette Frederick.

He, however, said that when he thought about all the things that had been taking place in the country, a decision was made to protest against all the things happening.

Spectators gathered on the sidewalks to look at the hundreds of supporters, who were waving bright yellow flags and placards as they chipped and danced in the streets to Bunji Garlin’s “Differentology” and local artiste Rosario’s “Ah Free,” among other numbers.

As the music truck and supporters made a complete trip through town before congregating in front of the Financial Complex for a short rally, Bert Francois, who operated the microphone, could be heard encouraging onlookers to join in on the protest.

“Join the protest. Show your solidarity,” he said. “Vincentians are fed up and we want equal rights and justice for all Vincentians.”

Although they were not supposed to obstruct traffic on Bay Street, the crowd was forced to stand in the road in front of the Financial Complex, as barricades had been erected on the sidewalks and taxi drivers were still in position on the stands.

“They barricade where we normally stand up… where do they want us to go?” said Francois, while urging the crowds to make way as some taxi drivers decided to abandon their parking spots.

“Don’t be afraid. You have a right to show your emotion,” he continued, as persons expressed their dissatisfaction with the barring off of the Complex.

Some even said that they thought it was an infringement on their right to protest.

Even though persons seemed visibly upset by the barricades, the rally continued without incident and was a peaceful one, as planned.

Speakers at the rally included Opposition Leader Arnhim Eustace, Terrence Ollivere, Dr Godwin Friday, St Claire Leacock and Daniel Cummings.