‘Dance Garifuna’ camp begins
August 2, 2013

‘Dance Garifuna’ camp begins

Children in St Vincent and the Grenadines will have the opportunity to learn all about their Garifuna heritage.{{more}}

“Dance Garifuna” will host its third consecutive camp this year, from August 5 to August 26 at the Peter’s Hope Secondary School.

Kelvin May, a group leader, told SEARCHLIGHT that the camp is not only about dancing, but learning about the heritage on a whole.

“Dance Garifuna is not about dancing alone. It’s about a way of teaching our Garifuna language, about our Garifuna people and how we can also learn the National Anthem in Garifuna,” May said.

The camp, which is free of cost, will cater for approximately 200 children and is open to anyone who would like to be a part of the program.

“These children are not only from the Garifuna communities here in St Vincent – for example – Sandy Bay or Greiggs, but it’s for any child who would like to learn more about their culture, about their heritage of the Garifuna people,” May said.

Director of the camp Trish St Hill will be with the participants in the second week, while James Lovell will be in charge of the musical aspects of the camp.

On the final day, August 26, a concert will be held at the Peace Memorial Hall to showcase all that the participants have learned over the three-week period.

Viewing will be open to the public at the low cost of EC$2.

Although it is not an overnight camp, the contingent from Sandy Bay will be sleeping at the school, due to its distance from the northern community.

May is soliciting anyone who would like to give financial support in this regard.

“We are asking the business places if they can help us for the next three weeks. If you are out there and you want to hear more about this program, you can contact me at 593-8778,” he said. (BK)