Hairoun Hai Life participants say they have no regrets
July 26, 2013

Hairoun Hai Life participants say they have no regrets

Participants of the Hairoun Hai Life competition say that they had a choice.{{more}}

Since the conclusion of the grand finale last Saturday at Heritage square, there have been numerous negative responses from the public.

On social media some persons described the competition as “torture”, while spectators on Saturday said it was “wickedness”.

“To all those persons who are commenting that the competition was slavery and whatever – it was cruel and torture, all I have to say is that at any time we could have lifted our hand and left,” said Bertram Edwards of Lowmans Hill.

Edwards, who was among the remaining 11 after the 24 hours had elapsed, described the competition as a “one in a lifetime experience.”

He also said he has no regrets participating.

“There were so many ways that we could have been disqualified, but all of us who were there were basically fighting to prevent that from happening. You know?

“So, we stayed there because we wanted to be there.

“If given a second chance to do this, I don’t know, but I just might be crazy enough to do it again,” he stated.

“The crowd support was good.

“It was a lot more than I had anticipated at first. And there were mixed responses from the crowd. Some were cheering us on and others were like, ‘ya’ll wicked to yourself to be standing there’, but that’s what you expect from a crowd; differences of opinions. But all in all it was good,” Edwards added.

Yoland Glasgow of Biabou was one of the two females who endured the 24-hour challenge.

Glasgow said she felt bad after not winning, but she too has no regrets competing.

“At least I endured to the end, which was good,” she said.

The same sentiments were echoed by Murray’s Village resident Alvin Bacchus.

“It was fine. I at no time felt like I was being tortured or pressured….

“I definitely think I can do this again,” Bacchus said.

The winner of the Mazda RX8, Carlisle Burke, was presented the keys to his car by regional commercial manager of the St Vincent Brewery Shafia London – Williams on Tuesday during a short handing over ceremony outside the Brewery. (AA)