Eustace believes PM lied about fuel surcharge
July 26, 2013

Eustace believes PM lied about fuel surcharge

Despite the Prime Minister refuting all claims, Arnhim Eustace still believes that citizens of St Vincent and the Grenadines are being made to pay for diesel used by the International Airport Development Company (IADC), through fuel surcharge on their electricity bills.{{more}}

During a sitting in the House of Assembly earlier this month, Eustace asked whether the diesel procured through or from VINLEC, which is used by the IADC and others to do work at the construction site of the international airport project was being accounted for by VINLEC separately from that which is being used in the computation of the fuel surcharge.

Ralph Gonsalves answered Eustace’s question by explaining that by law, it is clear that the computation of the fuel surcharge is done using the cost of the diesel used for the generation of electricity.

The Prime Minister also stated that IADC is charged fully for the diesel that is supplied to them by VINLEC.

“I had to ask these questions, hoping to get an answer,” Eustace said, during the rally. “The answer I got, I believe is a lie. That’s my view.”

The Opposition Leader told the gathering that he believes that they are paying for the diesel used by the IADC and that is why the fuel surcharge is so high.

“I want to know whether the airport diesel is added into the surcharge which you paying, but I can’t get a proper answer. I believe they charging it…and you paying what the airport should pay. In any event, even if you paying that, you still paying back the airport loans, you know. That’s what it boils down to and we must understand these things,” he said.

Eustace also said that it is important to speak about issues such as these, as the people are being fed with lies and half truths.