DIGICEL launches ‘Spell and Win’ summer promotion
July 26, 2013

DIGICEL launches ‘Spell and Win’ summer promotion

Telecommunications company Digicel has added to the fun and expectation of Summer 2013 with their latest promotion dubbed ‘Treasure Hunt – Spell and Win Summer,’ which will see customers winning cash and worthwhile prizes.{{more}}

Treasure Hunt – Spell and Win Summer was launched last Friday, July 19, in outdoorsy fashion at the Flowt Restaurant located in Prospect and according to marketing executive at Digicel Justin John, “Digicel is making sure that its customers have an extraordinary summer”.

Explaining the ‘Treasure Hunt – Spell and Win Summer’ promotion, John, surrounded by pirates holding a wooden treasure chest, said that the promotion, which has lots of prizes to be won, is open to both prepaid and postpaid customers who have to gather letters to spell the word ‘TREASURE’. These letters will, as usual, be sent to customers’ phones when they top up or pay their bills in full and on time.

John added that prepaid customers that top up between EC$10 and EC$14.99 will receive one (1) letter via text message approximately 60 minutes after top up, while prepaid customers that top up $15 or more will receive two (2) letters.

“Each customer that spells the word TREASURE wins a chance to dip in our treasure chest, which contains huge prizes, including smart phones, televisions, Coreas Hazells gift vouchers, laptops and cash among other huge prizes,” said John.

He added that postpaid customers who pay their bill in full and on time will be given letters (via text message). “The payment of the bill must be within the promotional period, which is Friday, July 19, to Saturday, August 31. In order to receive one entry, a payment of $60 to $99 must be made. To receive two entries, a payment of $100 or more must be made,” said John, who added that that once you have gathered all the letters that spell the word TREASURE, you will be informed via text message and asked to come in and dip from the wooden treasure chest that will contain EC$100,000 in cash and prizes.

“We have just changed our tagline to “Be Extraordinary” and this promotion fits great with that…it’s a great time to be a Digicel customer, as we treat our customers extraordinarily,” said John.

The promotion is expected to see a total of three winners every week over a six-week period. Therefore, 24 persons will be rewarded with worthwhile prizes.

Meanwhile, on Friday, the media professionals present were given the first chance to dip in the treasure chest and win.

Among the winnings on Friday were EC$500 cash, EC$200 credit, six months free data, a Samsung tablet, a Galaxy S4 smart phone and a Galaxy Note.

Media persons were also treated to the best food and drink that Flowt Restaurant offers, while they got the opportunity to interact with marketing manager Juno DeRoche and country manager Sean Latty.