Alexander, ‘don’t know the man you mashing up’ – Cummings
July 26, 2013

Alexander, ‘don’t know the man you mashing up’ – Cummings

Parliamentarian Daniel Cummings, earlier this week, displayed dissatisfaction about not receiving the special chair that he requested to sit on during meetings of the House of Assembly.{{more}}

During a New Democratic Party (NDP) rally in Layou on Tuesday, Cummings seemed to go on a rant, when he warned Speaker of the House Hendrick Alexander about what will be coming to him because he had not provided him (Cummings) with his chair.

“There’s a man they call the Speaker and he believes that he is lord over all he survey and they think that they get away with all their wickedness, but I have news for them,” Cummings said passionately.

It seemed like Cummings was feeding off the cheers of the crowd, as his voice began to rise when he said that Alexander “don’t know the man you mashing up.”

“You think you bad today, but Daniel Cummings coming for you!” said the parliamentarian.

“You don’t know the man you interfering with. When you see I quiet and you feel nice and you don’t want to give me my chair, don’t sleep well…you ain’t even see the smoke yet. Water, fire, acid, brimstone; everything coming for you! Mark my words.”

Cummings has repeatedly made requests to Alexander for a special chair which he said that he needs to accommodate injuries that he sustained to his back, during an incident in March 2011 when the Opposition parliamentarians were booted from the House by police, under the directives of the Speaker.

The parliamentary representative for West Kingstown said that the problem had worsened this year and that he had written to the Speaker of the House, requesting the chair which was recommended by his neurosurgeon, following treatment back in 2011.