Vynnette Frederick’s mother says people are envious of her daughter
July 23, 2013

Vynnette Frederick’s mother says people are envious of her daughter

Daphne Frederick, mother of Opposition Senator Vynnette Frederick, has accused some persons of being envious of her daughter.{{more}}

Speaking at a protest rally of the New Democratic Party (NDP) at Langley Park, Georgetown, on Saturday night, Frederick also said she believes her daughter will be cleared of all charges she faces in court, because she is innocent.

“I often wonder why they fear and have a consumed hatred for my daughter?” Frederick said.

“She is a simple person, but outspoken on matters of wrong that happen in our community and in our country, so I say that may be her undoing. But one thing that I am sure of, and I say with great conviction tonight, I am very proud of Vynnette’s achievements. She is unbended and she is unbroken,” the senator’s mother said.

Frederick said she loves her daughter, and all those who seek her daughter’s demise wish that their own “little darlings” could be like Vynnette, because of the senator’s “charisma and mettle to speak out fearlessly on issues affecting the people.”

She said while she has no doubt the children of those seeking Vynnette’s demise may be bright and possess their own ability, when their parents are “loading them up with the great baggage of their wrongdoings to other people, they are between a rock and a hard place to go out in the public and open their mouths….”

Frederick said no matter how much money one has, one cannot provide one’s child with a “trouble free” life.

She said the “powers that be” had been putting her entire family and Vynnette “through hell,” and had it not been for the abiding light of the Lord, she could not have been addressing the crowd on Saturday.

It was this light, she said, that was sustaining her daughter and family.

“It bothers me and I am baffled … for those persons who try to inflict pain and hurt on others and do not realize that they are doing it on themselves and their offspring,” Frederick said.

She explained that there are some who think that they are separate as human beings, but this is not so, as we are all connected and feel each others’ pain, and we are one with the Creator.

“And knowing this truth, I have turned each of these over to that mighty force … and my daughter will be vindicated and justice will be served, because she is innocent,” she said.

The charges against the senator follow a judgement handed down by

the OECS Court of Appeal on May 31, 2012, which indicated that Vynnette Frederick intentionally gave evidence which was untrue, in a complaint she brought against Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves, following the 2010 general elections.

Following the findings of the Court of Appeal, six charges of making false declarations and swearing falsely were brought against Frederick.

On July 11, at the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court, magistrate Ricky Burnette struck out the case, upholding an application by Frederick’s attorneys that the six charges lacked particularity.

About two and a half hours after Frederick was released from court, she was re-arrested while having lunch and slapped with nine new charges.

The first six of the nine new charges were brought under Section 96 of the Criminal Code, Chapter 171 of the Revised Edition of the Laws of SVG 2009, and are similar to the six she faced previously, except that they now include particulars.

The three other charges are that she fabricated evidence.

Frederick is currently on station bail and will appear at the Mesopotamia Magistrate’s Court on July 31 when a date for the hearing of the case will be set.