‘Gonsalves out of his damn place’ – Opposition Leader
July 23, 2013

‘Gonsalves out of his damn place’ – Opposition Leader

The protest march scheduled for this Friday will go on as planned.

Leader of the Opposition and President of the New Democratic Party (NDP) Arnhim Eustace says the march will take place on July 26, {{more}} despite the call made by Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves for the NDP to change the date, if they want him to see their pickets.

“Somebody told me that Gonsalves said that we should put off the march because he would not be here – Gonsalves out of his damn place,” Eustace said.

“We must put off our march? Is not he putting on our march, is we doing it,” the Leader of the Opposition continued.

He encouraged all to come out to express what he termed their displeasure at “what is taking place in the country.

“What we are fighting for is your rights and freedoms – it has to do with us as a people and the system which has been changed and we cannot afford to have this happen year after year,” Eustace explained.

He said that there is no redemption for Gonsalves and that he needs to go.

“They are putting this country into contention which is unacceptable and they have to go and I am calling on you, the people, to show your support,” Eustace said.

The Leader of the Opposition announced last week that two rallies and one march had been organized by the NDP to protest the recent re-arrest of Senator Vynnette Frederick.

Following these protest actions, Leader of the Opposition Arnhim Eustace said that a prayer vigil will be held during the New Times radio programme on Tuesday, July 30, the day before Frederick will appear before magistrate Ricky Burnette at the Mesopotamia Magistrate’s Court for a date to be set for the hearing of nine criminal charges she now faces.

“It is time the government understands that it just can’t go over our rights as Vincentians… they have been put there by people and will be moved by people,” Eustace said.

Frederick was re-arrested on July 11, about two and a half hours after six charges which had been brought against her were dismissed at the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court.

Magistrate Ricky Burnette agreed with an application made by Frederick’s attorneys to have the matters struck out, as, in his view, the six amended charges laid against Frederick lacked details and particulars.

Following her re-arrest, she was slapped with nine new charges, six of which were similar to those brought before, except that they now include details.

When he called in to Star Radio last week, Gonsalves said if the NDP want him to see their pickets, they should change the date.

“If the object is to draw my attention to the protest, I want to advise them this morning, have the protest on another day, because I will be in Cuba and I don’t think I will be back.”

The Prime Minister said he will be in Cuba to attend the 60th anniversary of the attack on the Moncada Barracks by a group of 82 exiled revolutionaries, including Fidel and Raul Castro. The attack on the barracks took place on July 26, 1953.

“So, I am saying to them, if you want me to see the protest, don’t put it on that day, put it on a day when I will be here. I am advising them. …If you want me to see your pickets, hold it on a different day.

“I am telling them in advance,” Gonsalves said.

The NDP protest march will take place the day before the first of two international Twenty20 matches between the West Indies and Pakistan to take place at the Arnos Vale Playing Field on Saturday and Sunday.(DD)