July 19, 2013

Mustique has second busiest airport in SVG

The island of Mustique, vacation destination of the rich and famous, now has the second busiest airport in our 32 island state.{{more}}

The recently released Tourism Authority Quarterly Statistics report shows that for January to May this year, 3,495 visitors disembarked at the tiny airport in Mustique, surpassing Union Island, which had 3,020 arrivals by air. 1952 visitors disembarked at Canouan and 2,677 in Bequia.

Chief executive officer of the Authority Glen Beache said that it is not surprising that Mustique is a popular port of entry for visitors, since the island does some its own marketing, and offers a unique product to its visitors.

“While there is the lifestyle for the rich and famous… there is also an attraction for Mustique for those that are ‘less wealthy,’ who might not be able to afford a house for a week, and would just want the idea of being on Mustique. They just want that experience”. Mainland St Vincent recorded 20,797 air arrivals during that period.

Nestled between St Vincent and Mustique, the island of Bequia has an achievement of its own, recording the most visitors between January and May, by yacht, for any island in the nation.

According to the report, 16,528 arrivals were recorded there, with Union Island recording 6,232, Wallilabou 1,790, Kingstown 1,310, Mustique 1,016, Canouan 257, and Chateaubelair 77.

The report also showed that this country’s top stay over visitors for January to May were Americans, with 8,642 recorded. They are followed by the United Kingdom with 7,249; 3,239 from Canada, Trinidad and Tobago with 2,451, and Barbados with 2,318 rounding out the top five.