Courts donates to E.T. Joshua Airport
July 19, 2013

Courts donates to E.T. Joshua Airport

The departure lounge of the E.T. Joshua airport was enhanced this week with the addition of a flat screen television set, donated by Courts.{{more}}

On Wednesday afternoon, senior marketing officer of Courts Alexis John presented officials at the airport with the 32 inch TCL TV, which will replace the one placed in the lounge by Courts more than ten years ago. John said that the gesture was in keeping with the company’s duty as a corporate citizen.“We know that this television set will add value to the departure lounge, and hope that persons spending time here would appreciate the state of the art service that they will be receiving from Courts at the E.T. Joshua Airport,” John said.

Receiving the television on behalf of the airport was senior airport officer Yvette George, who thanked John for his company’s consideration.

“On behalf of the E.T. Joshua airport, I would like to say thank you for your wonderful thought, and for keeping us in tune with the latest in technology.

“I know that the people passing through this section of the airport will appreciate the viewing experience.