No error was made  in calypso semi-finals result – CDC chairman
July 12, 2013

No error was made in calypso semi-finals result – CDC chairman

Chairman of the Carnival Development Corporation Dennis Ambrose has denied allegations that an error in the scoring by the judges in the calypso semi-finals resulted in Shernelle “Skarpyon” Williams not being named initially among the finalists.{{more}}

Skarpyon performed his rendition “Unity” at the semi-finals of the competition that was held on June 21, but was not selected among the 10 finalists.

He, however, got a late entry after fellow Upstage Experience cast member Ronald “Ron B” Browne indicated that he had to withdraw from the finals, due to some personal commitments.

A source, who asked not to be named, told SEARCHLIGHT that after the finalists had been announced, it was discovered that an error had been made in the computation of the marks awarded by the judges at the semi-finals.

According to the source, when the marks were double checked, Skarypon was among the top performers, and a decision was taken to include him in the finals.

However, just before Skarpyon was informed that an error had been made, Ron B dropped out, and Skarpyon was named as the replacement.

In a telephone interview with SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday morning, Williams revealed that after the semi-finals he received two phone calls from an official at the Carnival Development Corporation.

“When I got the first call the next morning, they were telling me that maybe there was a slight mistake…

The second call informed him that Ron B had dropped out, and he was the replacement.

“But that’s history. I was just real happy to know that I made it to the finals. It was a chance to dust off my shirt and try again,” he said.

Chairman of the Carnival Development Corporation Dennis Ambrose when contacted, however, denied the allegation that a mistake had been made during the judging of the semi-finals.

“The only information that I am privileged to give is from the [press] release; Ron Browne dropped out for personal reasons and Skarpyon was included…

“The decisions of the judges are always final and when the decision is arrived by the judges, it goes to the auditor and is verified and we always take that as final.

“People always have their own speculations,” he added.(AA)