CDC pleased with overall outcome of Vincy Mas 2013
July 12, 2013

CDC pleased with overall outcome of Vincy Mas 2013

The Carnival Development Corporation (CDC) is pleased with the oveall outcome of Vincy Mas 2013.{{more}}

In a statement released on Wednesday, Chairman of the CDC Dennis Ambrose said the production of the shows met the expectation of patrons and they were well executed, with good time management.

“The attendance at most shows was fair, except for the day of Mardi Gras, when the weather kept most of the patrons at home in the earlier part of the day. Later on, though, the streets were very crowded. That was understandable,” the release said.

Ambrose said that the postponement of Junior Carnival to a midweek day, because of the heavy rain on June 29, resulted in better attendance than when the event was held on a Saturday afternoon. He also said the attendance at the Soca Monarch show was “overwhelming – each year surpassing the previous one.”

“The J’Ouvert was absolutely huge and the Monday Afternoon Street Party was out of this world – bigger than ever before. The success of Monday spoke volumes for the interest and enthusiasm of the events of Vincy Mas. It just couldn’t get hotter than that – especially under the circumstances,” he said.

“We are happy that we were able to reach so many households by Pay-per-View and Internet streaming – we were able to share this fantastic Cultural Festival with the world. This year as well, the CDC endorsed a number of private events – most of which seemed to have pleasing outcomes.”

Ambrose expressed condolences to the relatives of the teenager who was killed on J’Ouvert morning. He said measures would be taken in future to prevent a similar occurence.

He also thanked the visitors, government and its agencies, the sponsors and components of the festival.

“To the Police, Security Services, the Sanitation Department and all other entities, including the street vendors and street bars who upheld up the ‘No Glass Bottle Policy’, the CDC thanks you all for this support and cooperation – in helping us to execute the Hottest Carnival in the Caribbean”.