Rotary Clubs hold induction for incoming heads
July 2, 2013

Rotary Clubs hold induction for incoming heads

Members of the Rotary Club of St Vincent and the Rotary Club of St Vincent South came together last week for the induction of their respective club’s new president.{{more}}

For the upcoming year, two Earls will head the service clubs, known worldwide for their charity and outreach programmes.

For the Rotary Club St Vincent, presidency was handed over to Earl Tash, by out-going president Vernon Scott.

Scott, in his “farewell” speech, thanked the executive who served with him for their assistance and urged members to show the same support to the incoming head and his administration.

President Tash in his inaugural address, said that he is looking forward to the year ahead, stating that under his watch, the club will be focusing on basic education and literacy, the schools’ book donation project and the tree planting project.

His executive for the upcoming year includes: secretary Ruth-Anne Richards, Vocational Services director Norlan Gabriel, Club Service director Lance Oliver, treasurer Basil Alexander, New Generations director Colin Boyle, Community Services director Brian George, International Services director Laela Myers, vice president Kirk Dasilva, past presidents Reuben John, Francois Truchot, Ken Uno, Joe Sheridan and St Clair Thomas.

For the Rotary Club South, outgoing president Grenville Williams made way for Earl Crichton.

Williams also thanked the Rotarians in his club for their support and said he was looking forward to the continued good work of the club, as he made way for Crichton.

Crichton said he too looked forward to his year at the helm of the organization and called for greater partnership between the two clubs in order to overcome some of the challenges they face.

His executive for 2013 includes vice president Simone Churaman, treasurer Glenda Joyette, public relations officer Kim Gun Munroe, secretary Marilyn Browne, International director Reginald Thomas, Club Service director Osmond Davy, Community Service director Keith Howard, director of Vocational Services Grenville Williams.