No public half day Thursday, for Junior Carnival
July 2, 2013

No public half day Thursday, for Junior Carnival

There will be no public half-holiday this Thursday, for Junior Carnival.Cabinet Secretary Susan Dougan told SEARCHLIGHT last night that the request for a public half holiday to accommodate Junior Carnival had been denied.{{more}}

She, however, said that all schools will be granted a half holiday.

“There will be no public holiday for businesses and the public service,” Dougan said.

Junior Carnival, originally slated for June 29, had to be postponed from last Saturday, because of adverse weather conditions.

Chairman of the Carnival Bands Association Hugh Raguette had told SEARCHLIGHT earlier yesterday that he was confident that the half holiday would be given.

“… We were assured that it will be granted. It’s been recommended by the higher authorities…

“Saturday (July 6) was the very first option, but was ruled out because of the logistics involved in relation to the ragga and power soca monarch show later that same day,” he added.

Raguette, however, said he doesn’t foresee any difficulties in the children getting prepared for the event.

“School is scheduled to close on the same Thursday.

So, we don’t see much difficulty in parents making the necessary adjustments…,” he said.

Raguette noted that the hosting of Junior Carnival on a Thursday would be very unusual, but he is confident that it will be a success.

“I believe that more people will be out looking at the Junior Carnival compared to the past several years, because it’s a Thursday. It’s a working day and therefore more working people will be around,” he said.

Junior Carnival will commence at 1 p.m. at the Victoria Park.

Raguette said the children will assemble at the WIBDECO shed, then proceed along Bay Street to the corner of Linley Street and Bay Street, going past the Public Health Department, then on to Back Street and from there, into Victoria Park.

There will, however, be no jump up on the streets after the bands appear on stage, Raguette said.

Thursday’s Junior Carnival will feature 13 registered mas bands.

Blondie Bird and Friends won last year’s Junior Carnival with their presentation of “A Glimpse of Kingstown.” (AA)