July 2, 2013

No mas band invaders

Officials of the Carnival Development Corporation (CDC) are strongly advising revellers against invading mas bands this Carnival.{{more}}

Hugh Raguette, president of the Carnival Mas Bands Association reminded patrons during a press conference last week of the possible consequences if the warnings are not heeded.

“If you should find yourself invading any of them, then you are committing an offence,” Raguette said.

He said the offence of invading a mas band carries a penalty which includes a fine and possible imprisonment.

According to Raguette, a trend has been developing here, that by 6:30 p.m. on Mardi Gras, that the majority of masqueraders would have already left the band.

“Our Mas Bands are generous; they leave the music on the roads,” Raguette said.

No one should be looking to invade any mas band, he contended.

According to Raguette, mas band invasion is becoming a problem to the mas bands and occurred mainly during Junior Carnival.

He said a serious incident occurred during the 2012 festivities between an invader and a mas band leader.

“We don’t want these sorts of events to take place,” he said, adding that there will be a number of marshals and police officers present to prevent invaders this year. (DD)