Graduates reminded that there’re no excuses for indiscipline
July 2, 2013
Graduates reminded that there’re no excuses for indiscipline

The 2013 graduating class of the St Martin’s Secondary school has been advised that discipline will be one of the key determinants of their future success.{{more}}

As he addressed the graduates at a ceremony held on June 25, at the St Mary’s Roman Catholic Church in Kingstown, principal Nereus Auguste spoke of incidents he had witnessed among some of the students who often got into trouble because of their choice to be indisciplined.

The outgoing head, whose contract ends in August, told the graduates that there are no excuses for indiscipline.

“You shall be gentlemen. You shall look at everyone else in society misbehaving and you will stand apart.

“You will be part of society, but at the same time you will know how to be part of society quite well,”

Guest speaker, attorney-at-law Stephen Huggins, who echoed the sentiments of principal Auguste, told the 53 graduates that the time has come for them to make changes in their lives.

“Your headmaster outlined some of the ills or the mistakes that befell you when you were going through school. Some of you would have fond memories reliving those mistakes. But the time has come now for you to transform and to move on from those stages into what you should become, the gentlemen of St Martin’s.”

Valedictorian Azzoli Noel, in his speech, took a trip down memory lane and spoke of the memories, both good and bad.

He, however, gave the assurance that the experiences gained while in school will be used in a positive form for their future.

“Many of us in this graduating class would say that we have persevered. Each of us has faced many difficulties and trials during those five years at the St Martin’s Secondary.

“Our presence here today shows that we have risen above these difficulties and we will continue to as we head in a new direction,” Noel said.

Businessman Douglas DeFreitas was the recipient of a past student award for his contribution to the school.

A surprise award was also given to Auguste.

Following the speeches and awards, the graduates raised their voices, singing “Man in the mirror”.(AA)