June 28, 2013

Tickets for Ragga Soca/Soca Monarch show – $45

Tickets for the Ragga Soca/Soca Monarch show on July 6 will be sold at EC$45. Ashford Wood, chief executive officer (CEO) of the Carnival Development Corporation (CDC) said that there had been rumours that tickets for the event would be sold at EC$90.{{more}}

But during a press conference on Wedneday, the CEO said that this is not true.

He explained that the CDC was a government entity and the main objective was to ensure that ticket prices are set so that they would be affordable.

According to Wood, tickets for the show will be $45, but for patrons who prefer to sit in the comfort of the stands, they will cost $55.

Anthony Dennie, coordinator of Shows said that there was also some concern expressed about the time the show will take to be completed, especially as this was the first year that the two shows have been merged.

He explained that when patrons turn out to a show such as the Soca Monarch, they generally have a good time.

The show will, however, be extended about an hour or so, Dennie said at the press conference; however, patrons can still expect to be out of the park at a reasonable hour.

At Wednesday’s press conference, Dennie announced the order of appearance on the night of the show.

Ragga Soca: 1. Johnny Rebel; 2. Bomani; 3. Hance; 4. Tamisha; 5. Fete King Maddzart; 6. Shaunelle; 7. Fya Empress (defending monarch); 8. Skarpyon; 9. Danielle and 10. Recka and Tajoe.

In the Soca Monarch: 1. Steady Gan; 2. Syxx; 3. Johnny Rebel; 4. Royal; 5. Jamesy P; 6. Lively; 7.Fete King Maddzart; 8. Shaunelle McKenzie; 9.Fya Empress; 10. Hance; 11. Shaunelle; 12 Skinny Fabulous; 13 Tamisha; 14. Problem Child and 15. Fireman Hooper. (DD)