June 28, 2013

PM questions lapse in security at Post Office

Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves has questioned why the Postal Corporation moved a sum of money, purported to be $100,000, from the bank, with only one postal worker and police officer as security.{{more}}

Gonsalves, who is also Minister of National Security, made the comment on Monday, during a press conference at Cabinet Room.

The Prime Minister’s remarks were made in response to question posed by a journalist about the police investigation into an incident in which a postal worker was robbed of approximately $100,000, and a police officer shot, on June 13, in Kingstown.

“Because, on the on the face of it, I don’t think one employee of the post office and one officer are enough to move $100,000,” Gonsalves said.

He also said he has nothing to discuss with anyone, concerning any matter, while a police investigation is ongoing.

“I was told… that a young man who the police have had an interest in, in relation to a particular matter, says he wants to talk to the Prime Minister,” Gonsalves stated.

“I have absolutely nothing to talk to anybody else about… a police investigation is going on, I can’t interfere in that, however much I would like to speak to all my citizens about all their problems.

“But there are certain things I have to say no, please, don’t involve me in that, I have no role in that….”

Dwaine Sandy, whom police had said was wanted in connection with the June 13 robbery and shooting, returned to St Vincent from Grenada on Monday, June 17, accompanied by his lawyer, and turned himself into the police.

The Brighton man was released on June 19, only to be re-arrested early the next morning, then released 48 hours later.

On the second occasion he was taken into police custody, Sandy’s lawyer told SEARCHLIGHT that the police said he was taken up for “safe keeping.”

The Prime Minister indicated that he did not want to be involved in every detail of police work.

“Persons frequently make assumptions about things, which assumptions may or may not be correct, and from my experience always has been, let the professionals get on with their job. We may at the end of the day criticize or commend them as the case may be….”.(JJ)