Kyle James sweeps 14 awards at SVGS graduation ceremony
June 28, 2013
Kyle James sweeps 14 awards at SVGS graduation ceremony

Kyle James exemplified excellence when he copped not one or two, but 14 awards at the St Vincent Grammar School graduation ceremony on Wednesday, at the Kingstown Methodist Church.{{more}}

In 2008, James topped in the national Common Entrance Examinations, which earned him a spot at the St Vincent Grammar School, where he consistently excelled during his five years there.

At the graduation ceremony, James walked away with a whopping nine Best Subject Performance awards for Biology, Chemistry, English A and English B, Geography, Information Technology, Mathematics, Physics and Spanish.

It was no doubt a workout, as the outstanding young man had to make several trips to the front of the church from his seat, which was located halfway down the aisle.

The son of Louisa and Dr Franklin James also received the SOL EC Most Outstanding Student award for Form 5, the Luke Browne award for Most Outstanding Modern Language Student, the RAJ Services award for Most Outstanding Science Student and two Dr Errol King awards for Most Rounded Student and Valedictorian, respectively.

During his valedictory address, James urged all his peers to “let their light shine” and “strive to be extraordinary”.

Saying it was an honour for him to represent the graduating class of 2013, James also took time to shine the spotlight on some of his classmates who displayed their exceptional talents throughout the years, whether it was through sport, visual or performing arts.

“I urge you, young men, to develop and hone your talents…all of our experiences there shaped and will continue to shape our personalities,” he said. “Let us endeavour to do our best always”.

In his parting remarks, James played on the school motto, “Per Aspera Ad Astra: Through Rough Ways to the Stars”, to leave some inspiring words with his peers.

“Our five years at the St Vincent Grammar School were the first rough ways. This graduation of ours is the first star. There are many more to come. Be sure to never let the rough ways prevent you from reaching the star which comes from after having survived them,” he said.

James, an eloquent teenager who placed second in the Lions Club South Public Speaking Competition in 2012, told SEARCHLIGHT that he took pride in his achievements.

“I’m very proud of myself and I feel satisfied, because I would have put in a lot of work and effort in my five years at the St Vincent Grammar School,” he said confidently.

James hopes to attend the St Vincent Community College, Division of Arts, Sciences and General Studies in September, where he will study Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics.

He also expressed a desire to also study French or Computer Science.

His choice in A-Level subjects are in line with his aspirations to one day become a chemical engineer.(BK)