Former teacher gives back to Central  Leeward community
June 25, 2013

Former teacher gives back to Central Leeward community

Schools in the Central Leeward constituency yesterday received a large quantity of books, donated to enhance the quality of libraries in the area.{{more}}

At a short ceremony yesterday, Maxwell Charles, Central Leeward representative, handed over sets of books to representatives from various schools in the district, on behalf of Nelson Samuel, who resides in the United States.

Charles noted that Samuel, a former teacher, who is originally from Layou, decided to give back to his community in various ways and the donation of the books was just one of them.

In his address, Charles spoke about the importance of books, especially since in recent times, some persons frequently use shorthand text to communicate via various instant messaging media.

“Reading is still very important, even though we are in the fast Internet age where we BB and WhatsApp and email using a shortened version of most of the English words,” Charles said.

“When you read, you get to learn to spell and you get into the usage of the English Language, which is so important in passing your CXC English”.

Charles, who is also Minister of Ecclesiastical Affairs encouraged students to read the books whose genres range from fiction to non-fiction and even religious.

Principal of the Buccament Bay Secondary School Kay Martin-Jack thanked Charles for facilitating the donation of the books to the schools.

“We cannot underscore how very important reading is,” Martin-Jack told students.

“Even though the books might not be of the latest edition and you are involved in technology, there is still room for you to read what is being presented here this morning, as you can learn a lot…things that you might not find on Google or other parts of the Internet”.

Martin-Jack further urged students to take time out to visit the library to engage with their new books.

A donation was also made to the community cricket team by former policeman Anthony Palmer.

Physical education teacher Alrick Wright received the cricket gear on behalf of the team and highlighted the benefits that it will bring to the sporting group.

“We often concentrate on education, but physical education is also an important part in the overall development of students. Sports go a long way and there are many opportunities out there for individuals who are interested in sports,” he said.

“With these gears, we know our boys will be meaningfully involved and it will go a long way in the development of their cricketing prowess”.

Receiving the books for their libraries were the Buccament Bay Secondary School, Central Leeward Secondary School, Layou Government School, Barrouallie Anglican School, Barrouallie Government School and the Leeward Seventh Day Adventist School.(BK)