D-Square Fashion Show suffers major setbacks
June 25, 2013
D-Square Fashion Show suffers major setbacks

“The show must go on” seemed to be the mantra on Sunday night, when the sound of clicking heels on a wooden runway was the only music that the models walked to at the D-Square Fashion Show.{{more}}

The D-Square Fashion Show, which was staged at Heritage Square, suffered major setbacks, despite the promise to deliver a show with a difference.

After a late start, the very small group of patrons was visibly startled when the DJ’s tent began emitting large clouds of smoke and the music came to a halt, resulting in a model leaving the runway to return backstage.

It seemed that organizers were determined to put on the one-of-a-kind show that blocked off one of the major roads in the city, as after a short break, models continued to sashay down the runway, accompanied only by the sound of their own footsteps.

At this point, some encouraging applause emerged from the patrons who sat on the sides of the T-shaped runway, looking on.

However, it was not long before music filled the square once more and the show was able to resume in full swing after an intermission, which was accompanied by a small shower of rain.

Organizer of the show Nicotello Providence expressed apologies for the unforseen turn of events.

“There were setbacks…I would like to apologize for that for sure, but even some of the biggest shows in the world have setbacks. We thank God that the show still went on,” he said.

Despite the shortcomings, D-Square delivered a show worthy of an international runway, which included top local designers: Shernicia Mayers – “Atelier Shernicia”, Kimon Baptiste – “Kimmistic.clo” and Julesia Alexander – “PixieJ Designs”.

Designs by Jean Adams, I-Rep and T&F Styles also hit the runway, as well as accessories by Innovation.

“The show was an amazing show. We had some of the highest fashion that I have ever seen…in St Vincent. I would like to thank those who came out to experience the fashion. I would like to thank all the designers who were a part of the show and last but not least, I would like to thank all of the amazing models who walked the runway for us,” Providence, CEO of Canadian based Tivoli and Fiache Styles, said.

Providence also expressed the desire to make the show an annual event, stating that it will only be bigger and better, next year.(BK)