June 25, 2013

Burglars strike GECCU branch at Georgetown

The Georgetown branch of the Government Employees Cooperative Credit Union (GECCU) is the latest financial organization to be targeted by burglars.{{more}}

Maxine Johnny, accountant at GECCU, confirmed that the cooperative credit union was broken into on Thursday, June 20. She, however, said that she was unable to disclose how much money was taken.

However, usually reliable sources told SEARCHLIGHT that the burglar(s) made off with $100,000.

Johnny explained that the building is secured, and that once the alarm is triggered, a signal is sent directly to the police.

SEARCHLIGHT understands that the alarm was triggered and the police responded. However, the burglar(s) escaped with the loot.

Within recent weeks, various organizations and business places around the country have been hit by burglars, and to date, the cases have gone unsolved.

In April, the Western Union office in Marriaqua was broken into, with the burglars making off with $40,000. On June 3, the Marriaqua Friendly Society, also known as Bun Pan was broken into and an undisclosed amount of cash taken. On June 13, a robber snatched a deposit bag with approximately $100,000 from a female office attendant of the Postal Corporation who was making her way from the bank.

The matter with relating to the GECCU burglary is under investigation and up to press time, no arrests had been made. (DD)