Vermont – He’s our Guy
June 21, 2013

Vermont – He’s our Guy

The oldest father in Vermont was honoured last weekend by the members of his community.{{more}}

Members of the Paradise Seventh Day Adventist Church of Vermont paid respects to 92-year-old Lawrence “Captain” Guy on June 15, by presenting him with a certificate acknowledging him as the oldest father in the community.

Pastor Snagg and his congregation delighted in listening to Elder Guy, as he thanked them and recited a poem.

Guy later spoke about the experience as one that was delightful to him. “It means a lot to me to interact with my community, as we did years ago. I met some family members who did not know they were related to me and was able to give them some of their family history.”

Captain Guy is a master of many trades – lumberer, farmer, estate manager, carpenter. He was also an executive member of many cooperatives and the founder of the Bunpan Society. His knowledge of the local forest is unsurpassed and he is a storyteller par excellence.

An active gardener, Guy engages in production and processing of local foodstuff.

The Elder has also earned a reputation as the oldest practicing lecturer, teaching Heritage and Environment courses to art and design students of the SVG Community College. He appears regularly with them and their lecturer Vonnie Roudette on NBC’s programme “The Art Room.”

Roudette, a close friend of Guy’s, says “This extraordinary man has lived to such an advanced age with his memory completely intact, preserving our history and cultural traditions. The extent of his knowledge and acute descriptions of details can educate and keep youngsters captivated by his stories and jokes.”

This recognition by the congregation of the Paradise Seventh Day Adventist Church has fulfilled Guy’s wish for some of his local community to value his work. He still has many goals to fulfil, as he spreads the message of the importance of self-reliance and sustainable farming.