KPS retains first place in CEE
June 21, 2013

KPS retains first place in CEE

The members of staff of the Kingstown Preparatory School are not surprised that the school was able to achieve first place in the Common Entrance Examinations for the third consecutive year.{{more}}

Deputy headteacher Samuel Holder said he is “very excited, very happy and elated”.

Holder said team work has been the key to the school’s success at the Common Entrance Examinations over the years.

He also acknowledged that it also took a lot of hard work on the part of the teachers, parents and students.

Holder said during the course of the school year, he held regular meetings with the Grade 6 teachers, during which they would discuss the progress of the students, and, in some cases, parents were also included in these meetings.

“If it was necessary, we would invite parents to come in and have a chat with them to try and get a little more out of the students.

“When we thought it was necessary to increase the level of assessment just to get the best out of the students, we did that,” the excited deputy headteacher added.

Holder also commended the Grade 6 teachers for their dedication in ensuring that all the subject areas were covered and that students were given extra help outside of the regular class hours.

“We have a team of experienced teachers and with that sort of experience, of over 30 years combined, we know what we’re about and we were prepared.

“So, it’s not a surprise that we did so well,” Holder concluded.

Gian-Paul Baker of the Kingstown Preparatory School was the top student in this year’s Common Entrance Examination, with an average of 95.16 per cent.

His classmate, Kelcey Allen, was third with an average of 94.62 per cent.

The KPS also had three students achieving top scores in the different subject areas.

Kelcey Allen and Alyssa Patterson were among the top three students for general paper with 96.67 per cent, while Mauriceo Bullock obtained 100 per cent for math.

Last year, Iana Ferguson of the KPS topped the list for the nation, also with an average of 95.16 per cent. In 2011, first was KPS student Alron Harry, who also had an average of 95.16 per cent.(AA)