Black Rave  patron wins Z10
June 21, 2013

Black Rave patron wins Z10

Just for being a patron in the VIP section at Black Rave, Andrew Williams won himself the latest Blackberry, the Z10.{{more}}

Williams walked out of the Victoria Park smiling last Saturday, June 15, having won himself the smart phone which was handed over by Digicel’s marketing manager Juno DeRoche.

“I didn’t expect to leave with this prize”, said Williams who thanked Digicel for the extraordinary handset.

DeRoche said that Digicel, one of the sponsors of Black Rave, decided to reward someone with the handset to bring some added excitement to the event and to, as usual, give back to the company’s valued customers.

On entering the VIP section of the event which patrons paid EC$150 to get into, bags with Digicel paraphernalia were given out.

The lucky Williams received the bag with a voucher inside that declared him the winner of the Z10.