Skincare should be necessity, not luxury
June 18, 2013

Skincare should be necessity, not luxury

A leading beauty and personal care practitioner here is stressing the importance of taking care of the skin, not as a luxury, but rather, a necessity.{{more}}

Just back from an eight-month training program in the United States, owner and manager of Oasis Spa and Wellness Centre Monique Arthur, will soon be broadening the scope of her operation, to include a focus on the clinical aspects of skin-care.

Now a registered para-medical skincare specialist, Arthur described her recent training as a long-sought-after opportunity, not easily accessed.

Oasis will be closed for one month at the end of June, and will re-open in August with a more clinical focus.

“Skincare is my passion. My spa has provided key services like facials, body treatments, massages, pedicures and manicures etc, but I was limited without the clinical training. Now that I am certified, I can offer my clients top-notch care and counsel in truly caring for the skin,” the long-time beauty consultant said.

Arthur’s business caters to about 150 clients, about 20 per cent of them being male. Construction workers take advantage of the massages; police officers like the foot and hand care the spa offers; and women enjoy the range of services. For women in particular, Arthur wants to help bring out the real beauty and radiance of the black skin.

“Make-up is great, but should be used to enhance and accentuate what’s already there, not as a cover-up of the damage or the perceived flaws. The real luxury is in the natural glow of the healthy skin. I can help our women, and our men, bring that to the fore,” she beamed.

Oasis Spa and Wellness Centre, in operation for eight years, will continue to provide the customary spa services under the new brand. Arthur said her desire was to acquire knowledge of, and familiarity with all skin conditions and disorders, an education she said will be passed on to her clients. Her recent para-medical training will allow her to collaborate with local dermatologists, referring clients to the medical experts when she spots any sign of a condition beyond the scope of her practice and expertise. While this is important to better serve her clients, it’s also personal.

“I had a scare a couple of years ago, when I thought a persistent lesion on my face was skin cancer. Had I been exposed to the para-medical training then, I would have recognized it for what it was,” Arthur recalled.

The businesswoman is anxious to put to work the new dermal care skills she learned at Lorraine’s Academy in St Petersburg, Florida. Her new services will include treatment of advanced skin disorders, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, advanced treatment for acne skin conditions, specialized treatment for rosacea, and ageing skin, as well as hyper and hypo pigmentation treatment.

She has received exceptional specialized training in body-wrap technique, which provides great relaxation and detoxification.

Arthur described her U.S. stint as “a great experience” and a time when she encountered the grace of Almighty God who was with her all the way. She is grateful her teenage son Tahj was with her and had a rich experience as well, including excelling in school there.

The aesthetician finished her studies with a 96 per cent average, including scoring 99.7 on her practical exams, under what she described as nerve-racking expert scrutiny. She scored 93.4 per cent on her written tests.

“It wasn’t easy,” she said. “I studied early every morning and late every night and was in my study group on weekends. The circumstances helped discipline my son even more. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.”

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