Nedd has hopes of becoming a doctor
June 18, 2013

Nedd has hopes of becoming a doctor

Delaan Nedd is overjoyed about his performance in the Common Entrance Examinations.{{more}}

The St Mary’s Roman Catholic School student placed 2nd for boys and 6th overall. He had a perfect score (100 per cent) for Mathematics, 84.09 per cent for English and 96.67 per cent for General Paper.

He was one of three pupils who placed first in General Paper.

“I am thankful to God that I got what I aimed for. I aimed for the top, dropped a little below, but I’m still happy,” the 11-year-old told SEARCHLIGHT yesterday.

Describing preparations for the exams, Nedd thanked his family who were able to keep him calm throughout it all.

“It was kind of challenging remembering the current affairs and local stuff that were just happening,” he said.

“My family helped me to do a lot of work and helped me balance my time so that I wouldn’t be stressed out”.

Nedd, the son of Conrad and Kaushalya Nedd of New Montrose, did not hesitate to say that he hopes to become a doctor in the future, a dream that was inspired by his father, who is a medical practitioner.

Herman Preddie, Nedd’s Math teacher is elated about the school’s overall performance in the subject.

Preddie, who has been teaching Grade 6 Math for approximately 14 years, said that he felt that Nedd would have done exceptionally well.

“I expected that from him,” the Math teacher said. “I know that he had the ability to do it and I think that Math is his best subject”.

Although she has never taught Nedd, headteacher Eula Johnny also bestowed high praises on the youngster.

“He’s very conscientious, very keen,” Johhny said. “I heard through teachers…he will always want to do well and do whatever it takes to do well”.

Nedd, who has a love for playing the piano and swimming, plans to attend the St Vincent Grammar School in the new school year.

Johnny disclosed that St Mary’s Roman Catholic School had 90 per cent passes at Common Entrance this year, a vast improvement from their approximately 78 per cent pass rate last year.(BK)