Jenique thinks she could have done better
June 18, 2013
Jenique thinks she could have done better

Jenique Nichols believes that she did her best in the recent Common Entrance Examinations, but still thinks that she could have done better.{{more}}

Nichols was among the top 10 finishers in this year’s common entrance examination with scores of 96.67 per cent for Mathematics, 86.26 per cent for English and 93.33 per cent for General Paper, for an overall average of 91.94 per cent.

The pupil of the Biabou Methodist School did her school and her community proud by placing eighth overall, and fifth for girls.

She thanked parents Jennine and Reverend Otis Nichols for their input and commended her teachers, who she said made sure that she was prepared.

“I studied and listened to the news,” Nichols, a resident of Calliaqua, said.

Come September, Jenique will be entering the first form of the Girls’ High School.

Mom Jenine said that she feels extremely proud.

“We knew that she would have done well and we feel very proud of her achievement,” she said.

Headteacher Delia Ollivierre said that in the six years that she has been at the school, the 2013 results have been among the best.

Although there was a 64 per cent overall pass rate in 2012 compared to 58 per cent this year, she said that the students this year performed well.

Regarding young Nichols, Ollivierre said that she and the rest of the staff were confident that the student would have done well.

She said that she could not recall within recent times any student from the school placing in the top 10.

“The entire staff and I are elated,” the headteacher said.

“We are happy about her achievement and about her putting the school on the map,” Ollivierre explained.

She said that the school was receiving a lot of congratulatory telephone calls from members of the community to commend the school on its performance. (DD)