Calliaqua Anglican pupil 2nd overall, 1st for girls
June 18, 2013

Calliaqua Anglican pupil 2nd overall, 1st for girls

Areanna St Luce is looking forward to continuing to do her best when she attends the St Vincent Girls’ High School, so that she can fulfil her goal of becoming a lawyer.{{more}}

The 11-year-old pupil of the Calliaqua Anglican School placed second overall and first for girls, in this year’s common entrance examination.

She recorded scores of 98.33 per cent in Mathematics, 93.18 per cent in English and 93.33 per cent in General Paper, with 94.89 per cent overall.

“I was confident that I would do well, but I thought to myself that I wasn’t going to do well in the composition part – but I think I did well in the Language Arts,” St Luce said.

She said that she was also a bit disappointed that she did not come first, but was grateful to her teachers and parents Marilyn and Dunstan St Luce, both teachers.

St Luce said that she was also thankful for the many prayers that she received from members of her church.

She said that she was forced to make some small sacrifices during the months leading up to the exam.

One sacrifice was spending less time on the computer, one of her favourite pasttimes.

Lydia Pope, one of St Luce’s teachers, said that it took some time for young Areanna to come around.

“She was not a top student, but she was bright,” Pope explained, adding that she started to do good work just before the end of the first term and that she never looked back.

“She just took off and went straight ahead – I am not surprised that she did what she did,” the grade six teacher continued.

“Areanna did us proud; we are so proud of her.”

Sandra McLean, St Luce’s Mathematics teacher said that the student received the insight to do well from God.

“She was a very, very good student,” McLean continued.(DD)