Youth Advocacy Movement  community  outreach project
June 11, 2013

Youth Advocacy Movement community outreach project

The Youth Advocacy Movement group is the youth arm of the St Vincent Planned Parenthood Association. The group hosted a fun day for 40 students (23 boys and 17 girls) of the Fitz Hughes Primary School, in commemoration of Child Month.{{more}}

This activity took place on May 25 at the Fitz Hughes School grounds. There were 26 youths from the group along with other members and staff of the Planned Parenthood Association who attended and participated in the day’s activities.

Kenrick Quashie was the guest speaker and he highlighted the theme which is C – Care; H- Help; I – Inspire; L – Love and D – Develop. The youths were in charge of the day’s activities; they prepared and provided meals for the kids and also gift hampers were given to each child. A gift voucher was given to cover meals for the 40 students for the remainder of the term.

In addition, ten students received school shirts/blouses. The principal Mr Robertson and students expressed their gratitude for such a kind gesture.