Children confident about Common Entrance Exam performances
June 11, 2013
Children confident about Common Entrance Exam performances

This year’s Common Entrance Examinations seem to have been an easy walkover for many of the pupils who wrote the multiple choice papers last week.{{more}}

At exactly 3:23 p.m. on Friday, several hundred grade six pupils from across the country exited the classrooms of the St Vincent Grammar and the Girls’ High school in excitement, waving their hands in the air, after completing the examinations.

The shouts and waves were mostly greetings to their parents and other well-wishers.

But it was also a clear indication of “freedom” from having to study for long hours, as they had done in the months just prior.

“I’m very happy it is over with, but to be honest, it was easier than I thought it would have been,” said 10-year-old Junior Gibson of Belair.

Gibson, a grade six pupil of the C.W. Prescott School, told SEARCHLIGHT that preparation for his exams were challenging, as he had to study for extended periods, with the assistance of his mother, Rolanda Gibson.

“The exams were not that difficult. It was good. Only thing is that I had a little difficulty with the Math.

“I studied real hard and my mom, along with my teachers, assisted,” said the tall and lanky young man, who hopes to attend the St Vincent Grammar School.

His mother, Rolanda, who spent the entire day outside the gates of the St Vincent Grammar School, said she is confident that her only child had done his best.

Fair Hall government school pupil Kaywannie Phillips, after exiting the exam room, said that the exams were easy and predicted that she had placed in the top three positions for girls.

“For Math, I believe I got close to 100 per cent. For Language Arts, in the 90’s or 80’s and for General Paper, I believe I scored in the 80’s.

“With those estimated figures, I’d say I’m in the top three…” a confident Phillips stated.

Phillips hopes to attend the Girls’ High School and become a lawyer or police officer.

As for Osley Daniel, attending the St Vincent Grammar School has always been his desire and sitting his Common Entrance Exams there was just the first step towards entering his secondary school of choice.

“The exams were good and I did very well. I did a lot of studying and research, so that helped me a lot in the exam room, because I remembered the things I studied.

“It pays to study before exams,” the Green Hill resident said.

Osley’s mother, Silvia Daniel, disclosed that preparations for the examinations were “really hectic,” but said she is confident that her son would excel because of the hard work he had put in.

New Montrose resident and pupil of the St Mary’s Roman Catholic Chase Abby said he tried his best.

“The exams were kind of easy,” the youngster, who hopes to attend the St Vincent Grammar School, said.

“It was very hard, though, preparing for common entrance, but I think I did well…” he added.

Susan Garrick, Chase’s mother said she is relieved that the exams are over and is confident that her son “did well.”

Luwenda Samuel, who stood outside the school gates until her grandson Brianson Samuel completed the exams, said it was a proud moment for her to be able to support him before and after the exams.

“I feel proud of him, because he said he did well and because he studied a lot. So, I feel he will get through well,” the Diamond resident said.

Brianson, who attended the Calliaqua Anglican School, says he wants to attend Bishop’s College Kingstown.

“I think I did okay. The exams were good, except for a few challenges, but I feel good,” the young man said.

The Ministry of Education, in a recent release, said that 2,334 pupils — 1226 males and 1108 females, were registered to sit the examination.

The candidates completed their Reading Assessment during the months of April and May and wrote the Composition Paper on May 31.

Friday’s exams included the Multiple Choice component of the examination in English Language, Mathematics, and General Paper.

Last year, 2119 pupils wrote the Common Entrance Examination, with a pass rate of 53.09 per cent. (AA)