Women thankful to have survived fatal crash
May 31, 2013

Women thankful to have survived fatal crash

The women who survived the accident that claimed the life of Keisha Yearwood, are thankful to still be alive, while grieving the loss of a special friend.{{more}}

Lucine Edwards and Kimesha Richards, though in physical pain, say that they are more hurt by the fact that Keisha, also known as “Kim,” was no longer with them.

“I still can’t believe she dead,” Lucine told SEARCHLIGHT on Monday, moments after giving a statement to officers at the Colonarie Police Station, about 200 metres from where the accident took place early Monday morning.

“Kim was a nice person. I don’t really tell people my problems, but sometimes I will sit down with her and talk; she is the kind of person you can talk to.”

Recounting the hours before the tragedy, Lucine said that the three women had left their Chester Cottage homes, along with Kim’s boyfriend Joston Burke, going on a lime.

“We left for (Club) Rave, but Rave was looking kinda scanty, so we end up and was heading for Park Hill.

“So, we went to Park Hill and we spend like an hour, and then we was coming back,” Edwards said.

Edwards, who was seated in the back of the green Hyundai Excel behind Kim, said that as the vehicle made its way on the Colonarie stretch, it began to wobble and she realized that something was wrong.

“I just feel the vehicle swaggering in the road and I just close my eyes.

“I know the direction the vehicle going, … it was not a high place and I say to myself if anything, we would run on a coconut tree or almond tree.

“So after I close my eyes, I feel like sand coming into my face and I was saying what going on and I feel like I spinning over and over and over and then I feel when the vehicle stop.”

Edwards said that with some help from Richards, she was able to get out of the car, and when they realized Yearwood was not coming out, they started calling her.

At first, Edwards believed her friend was just unconscious, but her greatest fear became reality when Burke confirmed that she was not alive and started crying for his partner.

She said that she advised him to go get help from the police station, and then after some time, the three survivors were transported to the Georgetown hospital.

Edwards suffered injuries to her head, left side and right arm, while Richards sustained injuries to her legs and hands.

SEARCHLIGHT was not able to determine the extent of Burke’s injuries.

All three were treated and discharged from the hospital.

The women told SEARCHLIGHT that they are going to miss their friend, whom they both knew for a very long time.

“I feel real bad,” Richards said. “Just last night me and her were playing games.”

“Words can’t express how I felt this morning,” Edwards added. “But I thank God it was not all of us,” she said. (JJ)