Vincentian co-authors Social Studies text for CSEC exams
May 31, 2013

Vincentian co-authors Social Studies text for CSEC exams

Vincentian economist Nilio Gumbs has co-authored a Caribbean Social Studies text for CSEC examinations. The 270-page book was published by Pearson, the world’s largest publishing house and includes in its 24 chapters topics ranging from Caribbean cultural influences to development issues in Caribbean tourism.{{more}}

Gumbs, in an interview with SEARCHLIGHT, said the first chapter, which looks at Caribbean Cultural Influences, serves as a backdrop to examining the political, social and economic issues in the Caribbean, such as the family, social issues and problems, population, communication, regional integration, human and physical resources, consumer affairs, democracy and governance and tourism.

“I wrote 10 chapters of the book. This includes chapters on the family, population, human and physical resources, democratic systems and governance. Ten of the chapters were written by Leila Lord from Barbados,” Gumbs said.

Some topics, he explained, such as the family, are covered in three chapters.

The economist said the opportunity to co-author the book arose after he wrote to Pearson Caribbean Director Rachel Brown about the possibility of publishing a Social Studies book, which he had started to write in 2000.

“Brown, in turn offered me the opportunity to be part of their team, because they were in the process of writing a Social Studies text for the region.

“I initially declined the offer, but one of my best friends, Marlon ‘Mutt’ Stephenson, asked me how I can do something like that! So, I wrote her again, expressing my interest to be part of the team – which she agreed to,” Gumbs said.

The McKies Hill resident said he had time to write the book because he had been transferred to the Division of Adult Education and had “virtually nothing to do”.

“So, when the relevant authorities think they were victimizing me, I turned it into my advantage.

“I guess the book will be on the market for the upcoming school year, because Pearson sent three copies of the textbook for me since February 2013.

“I am writing an O’ Level textbook on development studies, centered around the Cambridge O’Level syllabus used in Botswana and Lesotho.

“I usually write when I am bored reading econometrics,” Gumbs, who is reading for a PhD at the St Augustine campus of the University of the West Indies, said.