CIBC celebrates its employees
May 28, 2013

CIBC celebrates its employees

Employees at the local branch of CIBC FirstCaribbean were in for a special treat on May 16. That was the day on which CIBC FirstCaribbean joined its CIBC colleagues across the world, to celebrate Employee Appreciation Day.{{more}}

It was the first time that the region coordinated the celebration of their employees on the same day. CIBC employees from Trinidad in the South to The Bahamas in the North, were fully appreciated and recognised for all they do to make the organization a success.

A release from CIBC First Caribbean said that here in St Vincent, team leaders demonstrated their appreciation to employees by providing them with tokens. At close of business later in the day, employees got together for a grand social, where they used the opportunity to socialize with one another. This is not the only day on which CIBC has lived the standard of “Showing Appreciation,” but it was the one day that all leaders made the extra effort together, to make all employess “feel special.”