VINLEC reaches out in Mayreau
May 24, 2013

VINLEC reaches out in Mayreau

Residents of Mayreau turned out recently to support an activity put on by St Vincent Electricity Services Limited (VINLEC) as part of the company’s Health and Safety Awareness Month 2013.{{more}}

In keeping with the focus for the month, a Health Fair was held, alongside an Elecrical Safety exhibition on Wednesday, May 15. Two medical doctors in the persons of Dr Wayne Murray and Dr Patriana Badnock were on hand to provide personal consultations. Two nurses were also present and conducted blood presure and blood sugar checks.

Meantime, the Electrical Safety Exhibition provided the visitors to the event with information that taught how to work with electricity safely in the home, and provided tips on how to work with electricity in a public setting.

Those who visited expressed satisfaction with the outcome of the Health Fair and applauded VINLEC for the effort. One visitor said that the interaction with VINLEC’s employees would have long-lasting impact and noted that in addition to the health care service he received, he was able to learn about VINLEC’s operations at the Fair.

According to the company’s Environmental Health and Safety officer, Anthony Patterson, VINLEC has provided similar service to customers on mainland St Vincent on numerous occasions and thought it fitting to reach out to the community in Mayreau. He expressed satisfaction with the event and offered words of gratitude to the health care personnel who journeyed to Mayreau to provide the services free of cost. This Health Fair is one of many public outreach programmes embarked on by the company as part of EHS Awareness month.