Convicted rapist sensed there was trouble ahead, weeks before he was killed
May 17, 2013

Convicted rapist sensed there was trouble ahead, weeks before he was killed

Weeks before his death, Anthony Hamilton, sensed that there was going to be trouble.{{more}}

During a short interview with SEARCHLIGHT on April 22, days after he was acquitted of charges of making death threats against the Prime Minister and other public officials, the convicted rapist and burglar said that if his living conditions did not change, persons should not be surprised if he returned to a life of crime.

“Trouble must come, trouble haffi come, because why? You can’t leave the man without any alternative in life,” an agitated Hamilton, also known as “Scarface” said.

“I want the public to know that I serve 17 years, and have to be living on the street and this is not fair.

“If they wanted the man to be in a more spiritual way, keeping a more cool vibes, help the man; don’t leave the man without any alternative, then when anything happen and he get back in the prison, the public are the first ones to say that he now come outta jail and look he gone back ah jail.

“…the man done serve a sentence. He come out, he will need serious help, and the kind attitude and temper he have, he go need serious help.”

Hamilton admitted that he was still bitter about his recently-ended incarceration, and about his living conditions now that he was released.

At the time of the interview, he told SEARCHLIGHT that he sleeping behind the stands at the Grammar School Playing Field. SEARCHLIGHT also understands that he was spending time in an abandoned house at Gibson Corner.

Hamilton said that he didn’t know what would be the outcome of any encounter he would have with any of the persons he felt were responsible for his incarceration.

Regarding the allegations of threats made to public officials, Hamilton admitted that he did indeed make threats against the wife of superintendent of prisons Linus Goodluck, but not against Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves.

When asked if he was serious about the threats then and now, his response was “Yeah, I mean it, yeah.”

Hamilton maintained that unless he got a place to live, there was going to be some “serious stupidness”, and before abruptly walking out of the interview, claiming that he was going to see the Commissioner of Police, he said that this would not be the last time that his name would be heard.

“You must ask the Commissioner about me,” Hamilton said angrily as he stormed out of the building.

“You know when you go really know me? When one of them feet or hand off they body and you go know way Scarface tell you.

“When one of dem hand or feet off they body, then yo go know who Scarface really is. Trust me. Watch and see.”

Hamilton was shot and killed by police on Tuesday, in the vicinity of the washroom of the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court.

He was appearing in the Serious Offences Court that day, after being arrested on April 28 on robbery and assault charges. (JJ)