Video link for overseas witnesses
May 14, 2013

Video link for overseas witnesses

If talks go well between the government of this country and Dan Suter, criminal justice advisor to the Eastern Caribbean at the British High Commission in Barbados, overseas witnesses may never have to set a foot again in the High Court to testify in criminal matters.{{more}}

According to Suter, who was at the time addressing media practitioners at the launch of two documents by the national prosecution service on May 3, there is now a video link facility in the High Court, which allows overseas witnesses to give testimony from undisclosed locations, with their image shown in the courtroom.

However, Suter noted that in order to use this facility, there must be enabling legislation.

“I will be discussing this with the government, in terms of how we can move to use it,” Suter said.

The equipment was funded by the British government, but has not yet been used.

Suter noted that Dominica has just legislated for use of the same equipment.

He said there are specific circumstances, in which a person whose life has been threatened should give evidence. Only in extreme circumstances, he said, would a person give evidence anonymously.(KW)