St Vincent Grammar School and TSSS  top Reading Aloud  Languages Competition
May 14, 2013

St Vincent Grammar School and TSSS top Reading Aloud Languages Competition

Students from schools across the country demonstrated their foreign language skills last Thursday, when they took part in the Reading Aloud Languages Competition.{{more}}

Education officer and organizer of the event Flavia Howard spoke of the many benefits of learning a foreign language.

“The ability to communicate in more than one language is vital,” she said.

“In the field of commerce, foreign language competence will be among the most sought after skill for business people in the 21st century”.

Howard said it is the government’s policy to teach both French and Spanish in primary and secondary schools, because of the close proximity of St Vincent and the Grenadines to countries that speak those languages.

“Reading aloud in a target language is one of the sections tested in the speaking component of the old examination of CXC/CSEC foreign languages,” Howard stated.

Gwynette Cambridge, senior education officer for Early Childhood Education, emphasized the Ministry of Education’s pleasure in playing an integral role in the Reading Aloud competition.

She also commended Howard for organizing the competition for the fourth year.

“I am an English teacher, but I am quite sure that a foreign language has…an important role to play in the lives of everyone,” Cambridge said.

“Bearing in mind that we are living in a global village, and movement, not only around the Caribbean, but around the world, is occurring almost on a daily basis”.

Additionally, Cambridge told students that they should always read aloud in a foreign language, as it not only builds confidence, but allows them to speak the language better.

Five students took part in the two rounds of the French category from the St Joseph’s Convent Kingstown, the Girls’ High School, the Central Leeward Secondary School, the St Vincent Grammar School and the Georgetown Secondary School.

However, it was Akeem Mohammed of the St Vincent Grammar School who emerged victorious in the French category.

Janika Straker of St Joseph’s Convent Kingstown placed second, while Abigail Scott of the Girls’ High School walked away with the third prize.

The first round of the Spanish category saw a whopping 16 students taking part from schools across the country, but only six students from the Bequia Community High School, the St Vincent Grammar School, the St Joseph’s Convent Kingstown, the Girls’ High School, the Dr J.P. Eustace Memorial Secondary School and the Thomas Saunders Secondary School went on to the second round.

Despite her late arrival, Angelique Garraway, who represented the Thomas Saunders Secondary School, read well enough to earn first place in the Spanish rounds.

The Dr J.P. Eustace Secondary School’s Ackeem Dabriel placed second, while Anthony Glasgow, representing the Grammar School, earned himself third place.

A judge for the French category, Daryl Williams commended the many students who took part in the competition.

“There are no losers. We are all winners,” he said.

The Reading Aloud Languages Competition began in 2010 and aims to encourage students to read aloud in a foreign language, to foster a sense of confidence in students and to enforce awareness among students that there are others studying a foreign language and working on language skills.

An awards ceremony is expected to be held at a later date, in collaboration with other foreign languages competitions that are taking place presently.(BK)