Questelles Government School hosts Numeracy Week
May 14, 2013

Questelles Government School hosts Numeracy Week

After days of keen and exciting competition among the grades, the organizers of the Questelles Government School Numeracy Week have hailed the event a huge success.{{more}}

Throughout the week, students from various grades showed their mathematical skills in a series of exercises, which tested them on areas such as multiplication, measurement, statistics, number theory, computation and geometry.

The students were selected from a number of grades to compete, with Ryan Nero and Denote John representing grade two; Darron Edwards and Joshua Richardson, grade three; Phernandus Charles and Arena Grant, grade four; Shanadia Sylvester and Alexia Charles from grade five and Jelani Chance and Jadeia Anderson from grade six.

Other participants included the top mathematics performers for the first and second term, such as Phernon Charles and Brittany Dasilva of grade two; Ciara Moses and Zaria Barbour from grade three; grade four’s Laron Jones; and Jessica James and Tiana Charles from grade six.

On Friday, the students held an exhibition, with each grade being required to arrange a mathematical display through art, construction or game creation.

Grade one built number bracelets, grade two drew objects using 2D and 3D shapes, grade three created a numbers game, grade four constructed 3D attire and apparel and grade five created various designs.

When judges Ann Jones, Winsbert Williams and Orde Ballantyne tallied the scores, grade one emerged winners, with 52 out of 60 points, with Ajuana Lewis taking second with 48 out of 60, and Kyle Neverson, Travis Edwards, Angus Nero and Elrando Lewis copping the third prize with 47 and a half out of 60.

The school thanks Hazel Hoyte Campbell for her donation of prizes to all the individual winners, and all other staff members who made the numeracy week a success.