May 14, 2013

More structure needed at Heritage Square

Anne Miller, president of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Calypso Association, says that more structure is needed at Heritage Square, particularly when a planned event is being staged at that venue.{{more}}

“We need to see some sort of structure and some sort of management put in place for Heritage Square,” she told SEARCHLIGHT.

“For example, we as a component of carnival are trying to bring out the artform to get people to see what we have to offer, yet we have to compete still with vendors,” Miller continued.

This, she said, prompted her to call on the relevant authorities to put in place a proper structure for the management of Heritage Square.

She acknowledged that while the Kingstown Town Board is responsible for allocating vending spots in Kingstown, she suggested that maybe in the same way that National Properties was the entity in charge of government property, that a similar structure could be set up to manage the operations at Heritage Square.

“Planned events would get priority,” she said.

But it would not be a situation where the authorities would be leaving out every vendor, she said, but that some preference would be given to organizations staging planned events.

According to Miller, the venue is ideal in that patrons often frequent the area.

She, however, said the area should not be used for the consumption of alcohol only.

“That’s the reason why we use the venue, because we know that people often go there on weekends,” she said.

But the competition from the vendors was proving to be a problem, Miller said. (DD)