Rainbow Unique Nursery and Pre-school opens at New Montrose
May 10, 2013

Rainbow Unique Nursery and Pre-school opens at New Montrose

A grand opening ceremony was held last Sunday for the Rainbow Unique Nursery and Pre-school located at New Montrose.{{more}}

Proprietor of the school Doris Hope has been in the business of early childhood care and development for over a decade, having formerly managed the Imani Pre-school.

The opening of the school on Sunday was the culmination of her dreams and vision to provide a top quality learning environment for children entrusted in her care.

Speaking at the opening of the brand new headquarters, Aunty Doris, as she is affectionately called, gave credit to God, who she said has enabled her to acquire the property.

Senior Education Officer in the Ministry of Education Gwennette Cambridge said that she was pleased and impressed with the atmosphere and learning environment created by Aunty Doris for the Rainbow children. Cambridge added that early childhood education has taken off in SVG, pointing out that about some 15 or so years ago, when one heard of a pre-school, the thought of a holding-bay for children came to mind.

She added that early childhood practitioners like Aunty Doris have transformed this sector, developing and administering programmes that are developmentally appropriate for the children.

Prayers for the school, teachers, parents and children were offered by Pastors Carlita Dennie and Carmalie Daniel, while Rhonda Dixon officially blessed the building. The children of the Rainbow Unique Nursery and Pre-school also rendered special items at the official opening ceremony.