Students urged to listen to teachers, parents; trust in God
May 3, 2013

Students urged to listen to teachers, parents; trust in God

Minister of Education and deputy Prime Minister Girlyn Miguel is begging young persons to remember God in everything that they do.{{more}}

In her address at the National Awards Ceremony last Friday, April 26, Miguel stressed the importance of having a relationship with God to succeed in life.

“I believe in God and his power to help young people…there is someone bigger than you and I,” Miguel said passionately.

The minister advised youngsters that they should say a prayer from time to time, if they do not have a relationship with God.

“I don’t think that any of you don’t know, because within our schools, it is one of the first things we do on mornings, we call you to prayer,” she said.

In her moving speech, Miguel urged students to be careful of what religions they are a part of.

“I want to be very practical with you this evening, because I am overwhelmed,” Miguel said.

“There is one of our top performers. He was one of our top performers at common entrance in Marriaqua Government School, the top performer at the college. Today, he is losing his mind…Watch the religions that you go to!”

The minister passionately warned students to listen to their teachers and parents because they will not lead them on the wrong path. Additionally, she urged them to speak with someone about a problem that they may be facing.

“I know that some people may become suicidal along the way…please talk to someone about your problem,” she said.

Miguel stated that the aim of the Ministry of Education is to provide holistic education to students, one that focuses not only on academic achievement, but also values, character building, as well as skills and knowledge.(BK)