Vending goes mobile for  newspaper salesman
April 26, 2013

Vending goes mobile for newspaper salesman

Newspaper vendor Noel “Bummy” Edwards has taken newspaper vending to a new level with the launch of his mobile vending stand.{{more}}

Edwards, a vendor for the past two years, previously operated a stationary newspaper stand, adjacent to Coreas Food Mart on Lower Bay Street.

A few weeks ago, he came up with the idea to put his stand on wheels, to reduce some of the inconvenience he experienced when it rained.

“When the rain falls, I does have to do too many movements, so I just decided to build a stand on wheels.

“With this I can move from here to there without the hassle of packing up and come back out when the rain over…” the Redemption Sharpes resident said.

The mobile stand also allows Edwards to move his operation to different locations around Kingstown, which, according to him, “maximizes sales”.

“So now, I could pull this all round town. I don’t stay here alone now. I does go all round Tokyo side and sell,” Edwards said.

“Since I get this, people passing and stop just to look at it. People does pass in their vehicle and slow down just watch it to,” he added.

Built from plywood, the three-foot tall stand has three compartments which serve as a display for the three weekly newspapers.

The stand also has a stylishly designed top.

“Right now, as you can see, I haven’t painted it yet, but I plan to paint it and put logos of the three newspapers as a display too,” Edwards disclosed.

A carpenter by profession, Edwards said if other vendors are interested in doing the same, he is willing to assist. The customized newspaper stand was constructed at a cost of $250.(AA)