April 26, 2013

Green Hill man succumbs to gunshot wound

A resident of top Green Hill, said to be in his mid-twenties, succumbed to gunshot injuries at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital on Saturday.{{more}}

The deceased, Brent “Blacker” Lewis, is said to have been walking home from the neighbouring community of Redemption Sharpes on the night of Thursday, April 4, when he was struck by two bullets, fired by an unknown assailant.

The shooting incident took place just before the bridge that borders Green Hill and Redemption Sharpes, if travelling from the Sharpes Dale (Plan) area in Redemption Sharpes.

“Blacker head was too hard. He got two shot and they got out one of the bullet down hospital and he decided to discharge himself couple days and come home, before the doctor dem could take out the other one.

“Is when the pain hit him home, he rush back hospital and he died,” one resident close to the deceased told SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday, during a visit to the community.

SEARCHLIGHT was also reliably informed that the young man was known to visit the Redemption Sharpes area frequently, despite having had a fall out with individuals in the area.

“He went in the dog’s mouth to get bite,” another resident said.

Up to press time, SEARCHLIGHT was unable to contact any of Lewis’ family members for a comment on the matter, as his brother, with whom he lived, is presently serving time in jail, while his mother lives in Mesopotamia.

A member of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) told SEARCHLIGHT that the matter has not been classified as a murder and is still being investigated.(AA)