Two Vincentians grab Lotto, Super 6 jackpots
April 16, 2013

Two Vincentians grab Lotto, Super 6 jackpots

History was created here last week, as the National Lottery Authority’s (NLA) Super 6 and Lottery jackpots were both claimed in the April 9 drawing.{{more}}

Devon DeFreitas of Belair and Icilma Sergeant won the Lottery and Super 6 jackpots of $290,000 and $235,000 respectively.

Added to the history making event was the fact that the winning tickets were both purchased as “Quick Picks”.

DeFreitas, although having very little to say, shared that he was still in a state of shock. He also gave thanks to God for the blessings which allowed him to win.

“And if is one thing, I never stopped playing Lotto, whether rain or shine or storm, I find a way to go purchase my ticket,” he said, adding that he believed strongly in the NLA’s slogan that you have to be in it to win it.

Sergeant also said that she was grateful to God and understands that while He does not necessarily support gambling, He understands his children’s needs and wants.

“So, every time I go buy a ticket, I say Lord, you know my needs and wants – you are the great provider and He did it,” Sergeant said.

She said that she was going to put her winnings to good use, with some going towards her daughter’s education.

McGregor Sealey, general manager of the NLA, said that having two winners in separate jackpots is historic.

He explained that the lottery game was started in 1989 and the Super 6 game in 2004, but it had taken nine years for there to be joint winners.

Sealey encouraged the winners to put their money to good use, saying that he has been in the position of general manager for some time and that he has seen people win jackpots two or three times and are now in a position where they have nothing.

He also encouraged members of the public to continue supporting the games of the NLA, saying that the NLA has an extended mandate which covers the support of sports, culture, education, health and nation building. (DD)