April 16, 2013

RJR does ‘J’Ouvert Shake’

In its sixteen year of producing events for Vincy Mas, RJR will produce “J’Ouvert Shake” for 2013.{{more}}

Patterned off of the hugely popular “Harlem Shake”, RJR pays tribute to the tenth anniversary of long-time sponsor Digicel, with RED being the colour of choice this year, a release from the group said.

As usual, the group promises to focus on the quality of the production, with the best sound systems, best DJs, top performers, and a high level of security as part of the package.

“Every year we continue to add exciting innovations”, said one member, “and this year we will be providing a totally interactive and exciting production, made for You Tube.”

More information on the upcoming event may be had on, as well as the RJR Facebook fan page.