April 12, 2013

Six new Peace Corps volunteers for SVG

Fri Apr 12, 2013

After completing eight weeks of intensive training, six new Peace Corps volunteers are ready to render their services here in St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG).{{more}}

On Friday, March 22, a swearing in ceremony was held at Frenches House for these new volunteers, the 85th group of trainees to serve in SVG.

Speaking at the swearing-in ceremony, Associate Director Peace Corps/Eastern Caribbean (SVG Office) Cuthbert James said that the trainees have demonstrated attitudes and set high standards during their eight weeks of training. He noted that the training this time around is somewhat different from the previous ones, mainly because the focus from here on will be on literacy at the primary school level and a lot of what they have done is directed to these types of activities.

Meanwhile, Senior Education Officer at the Curriculum Development Unit Aldia Dyer commended associate director James for his insight in focusing on literacy in the schools in St Vincent and the Grenadines. She said the commitment and dedication of the Peace Corps volunteers is not only evident by their physical presence, but also by their tremendous effort at the various workplaces.

Dyer made specific mention of two programmes that the Peace Corps Volunteers have assisted the Ministry of Education with, which have reaped significant benefits, namely the library at the Fitz Hughes Government School and the acquisition of the Academy of Reading Programme at the Georgetown Secondary School.

She noted the library at Fitz Hughes ignited, in many students, an interest in reading. She also noted that the acquisition of the Academy of Reading Programme proved to be rather challenging, but it turned out successful because of the hard work and dedication of the Peace Corps volunteer who was attached to the school. Dyer pointed out that through this programme, over 60 per cent of the students have improved their reading at four grade levels.

Country Director of the Peace Corps Eastern Caribbean Elizabeth Neason said the volunteers were immersed in learning the language and culture of SVG, as well as honing their technical skills during their training. She noted that the volunteers have sacrificed a lot to be here and they will face a number of challenges; however, the knowledge and skills they bring, and their determination and enthusiasm, shown over the last two months, will serve them well and help them during the challenging times. She added that they must have an open heart and an open mind as they approach their volunteer service.

At the ceremony last Friday, a number of homestays were recognized for their worthwhile contributions to the Peace Corps programme and were presented with certificates by the Governor General’s Deputy, Dame Monica Dacon. (API)