SPOONY donates medical supplies to Milton Cato Memorial Hospital
March 28, 2013
SPOONY donates medical supplies to Milton Cato Memorial Hospital

The Milton Cato Memorial hospital (MCMH) has received additional medical supplies, thanks to the St Vincent Progressive Organisation of New York, USA (SPOONY).{{more}}

The donation, which consists of bed linen, walkers, adult disposable diapers, a wheelchair, one bath bench, one toilet seat and one bed, were received by Health Minister Clayton Burgin, last Friday, during a handing over ceremony at the hospital.

Local representative for SPOONY, former parliamentarian Jerry Scott, handed over the supplies.

“This may seem like a very insignificant contribution, but I know that the Ministry of Health is more than glad and happy for every little iota that is presented to them from time to time,” Scott said.

“I want to give the assurance, on behalf of SPOONY, that more will be coming, because I indicated to them that I will not be a one-day stand; unless they give the commitment that they will be willing to ensure to make this a regular feature, I will not be standing here!

“So, given that commitment, I am happy to report that in a short time, a second shipment will be coming from SPOONY,” he added.

Scott also encouraged the hospital staff to take care of the items and put them to proper use.

“And, as time goes by, we will endeavour to keep you supplied in whatever way we can,” he further stated.

Upon receiving the donations, Health Minister Clayton Burgin said the initiative on the part of SPOOONY “fits nicely” into the ministry’s objective which is to provide the best health care for the people of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

According to Burgin, the health and well-being of the people of this nation is given high priority by the competent authorities of this country.

However, the cost of the health care is monumental, and government cannot do it alone.

“I would therefore wish to thank the members of SPOONY for their kind, generous and thoughtful donation of this range of supplies. Your contribution to the development of our national health sector is indeed a tangible demonstration of your commitment to support the health and well-being of all citizens, to support a national worthy cause.” (AA)